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Welcome to the temporary home of Hitz Publications!

I am starting a series of eBooks with the first titled:

“A Band Director’s Guide to Everything Tuba: A Collection of Interviews with the Experts”

Available on all four e-Book platforms:

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Who better to provide everything a band director could ever need to know about the tuba than the best tuba players and teachers in the world? From Sam Pilafian talking about how teaching kids to play bass lines can specifically improve your concert band to Pat Sheridan talking about everything from breathing to anatomy to pedagogy, this is a must have collection of interviews for any band director.  Each expert talking about their field of expertise geared specifically to help band directors improve their tuba sections and their band programs as a whole.  Interviews included in this book:

  • Pat Sheridan on breathing, anatomy, marketing, and pedagogy.
  • Sam Pilafian on improvising, the importance of chamber music, arranging and mouthpieces.
  • Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser on turning your tuba players into leaders while keeping them engaged and challenged.
  • Dave Porter, retired US Air Force Band, on his 30 years as a private teacher and starting students on the tuba.
  • Greg Biba, middle school band director for 25 years, on preventative maintenance and all things tuba repair.
  • Andy Bove, freelance New York City tubist and recording engineer, on recording equipment and techniques.
  • Tom Holtz, President’s Own Marine Band, on playing and teaching the sousaphone.
  • Steve Dillon, owner of Dillon Music, on his decades of selling tubas and accessories to band programs.
  • Kelly Thomas, tuba/euphonium professor at the University of Arizona, on tubas, mouthpieces, and literature as well as switching kids to the tuba from other instruments.

Stay tuned for an e-book on every band instrument.  Next up: “A Band Director’s Guide to Everything Trombone: A Collection of Interviews with the Experts” coming soon!

8 responses to “Hitz Publications

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  5. What about giving advice on a good tuba for high school students that isn’t going to break the bank?

    • I have heard nothing but good things from directors about the 4-valve B-flat tubas from Jupiter. Full disclosure, I am an Educational Ambassador for Jupiter Band Instruments but I don’t get any kind of commission whatsoever if they sell even a single horn. Some of the programs here in Fairfax County went with them this past year and are very happy with them. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much! We just purchased their 570 series Euphonium and I am very pleased with the way it plays compared to the nice 4 valve Yamaha we have played on for years and years!

        Jupiter needs to find ways to reach out to directors so that we can experience their products even when the local music stores do not carry stock in store.

        Thanks for your time!

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